“The Square Root of Three,”a poem by David Feinberg, film “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”

I fear that I will always be
A lonely number like root three

The three is all that’s good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight
Beneath the vicious square root sign,
I wish instead I were a nine

For nine could thwart this evil trick,
with just some quick arithmetic

I know I’ll never see the sun, as 1.7321
Such is my reality, a sad irrationality

When hark! What is this I see,
Another square root of a three

Has quietly come waltzing by,
Together now we multiply
To form a number we prefer,
Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds
With the wave of magic wands

Our square root signs become unglued
Your love for me has been renewed


  1. yaa it’s true
    a person with unsual thoughts and behaviour is not recognised in the society,
    but two maverick persons can join together to make others recognise thier worth
    wese, poem is very nice……….
    and slowly we walk and square root of three are equally good…………..

    1. Really glad that you liked this poem 🙂
      But sadly it was not written by me. I heard this in one movie and found it so good, that I had to share it here.
      But I hope one day I write something like this 🙂

    1. Really glad that you liked this poem.
      I heard this poem first time, when I was watching a movie and I was so impressed with how simple and yet how endearing this poem was to my heart.

    1. I think I found this poem and created this post around 7 years ago. I am pretty sure that at that time I understood why it is square root 3 rather than of 2. But I am not able to recall the reasoning that I had long ago.

      So I googled it.
      This is what I found for the meaning of this line :

      “A three is all that’s good and right,”

      3 is historically significant number that appears frequently in religion and literature: the Holy Trinity, Great Triad, 3 primary colors, “body/mind/spirit”, The Godfather Trilogy, etc.

      This may explain why 3. But I am sure it was some other reason as well that I am not able able to recall right now. Sorry I was not of much help 🙂

  2. The poem you introduced is simply great. The mathematics gives a steady and calm rhythm.
    I do like how the last couplet turns everything ‘unglued’ as love has been renewed.
    You keep writing too, it is good and fun.

    Thanks for your visits.


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