“STAGE” – Nayana Nair

They cheer for me, With joy and addiction. Eager to hear each sound That escapes my mouth. Dipping themselves, Drowning together In the music that they love. But the stage is empty. Cause I’m not really there,above. I’m choking ,somewhere, on tears Holding in my arms our dying love. And though you stand in theContinue reading ““STAGE” – Nayana Nair”

“COMPLAIN” -Nayana Nair

I have to sit quiet, Wait for the wind To blow away my tears before they fall. I have to keep watch On what I say, what I think. Even in my sleep, I can’t betray myself. Gulp each cry, each word I speak, To be dropped off on a paper no one reads. EveryoneContinue reading ““COMPLAIN” -Nayana Nair”

“IS IT?”- Nayana Nair

You love me, despite my faults But is it really love? When you know they are ‘flaws’ To know I am something to mend. To believe if you correct me enough Someday, I might become the idea. The idea of a possible me. A possible me, you could love. When you look at me, WhatContinue reading ““IS IT?”- Nayana Nair”