The Liebster Award


First things first…..Thank you JB McPayne for nominating me, for this award.


I have no idea about any awards, never got one till date. This is my first one on WordPress. But an award is a heartfelt appreciation. And I am thankful to you for believing I deserve this award. (And for remembering my site. I know how much difficult it is to blog from phone, I do it all the time. And that’s one of the reasons it took me so much time to realize that you nominated me . Thank you)

I don’t know how this post is going to be, please forgive me everyone if I do something wrong, if I keep blabbering and if everything I say goes over your head 🙂 (I am terrible at receiving awards).

So the rules:



Thanking and linking back………………………..done.


Nominate 11 bloggers…..

That’s very tough :(. Too tough. But I’ll try my best.(Doing the best I can with a system, that doesn’t load wordpress 😦 )

Richard Ankers

Copper Cranes

Ancient Skies




Poet Girl Em

Exposed Emotions

Captain Q

And the last 11th one :

Now, that one, will be the most important blog ever. That’s the first blog I read, that inspired me to write. I remember how much understood I felt. When some stranger could give voice to what I feel, what I go through. It was a delight to read each word Katie wrote. I was so desparate to hold onto every thought of hers that I actually have a diary filled with her posts 🙂 But sadly, that’s now a protected blog. 😦 But that would be my first blog I loved :).


Answer 11 question from the blogger who nominated you:

1. Rock or Country?

Country, mostly. That’s what you’ll find in my playlist mostly. Nothing against Rock. But, I have been more exposed to Country    song. Basically, I love ever song with awesome lyrics and in which music doesn’t turn into noise.


2. Marvel or DC?

Marvel 🙂


3. One song you loved as soon as you heard it?

Bloodstains by Passengers…..Such beautiful words, such beautiful song. Love it forever 🙂


4. One movie dialogue you really love?

Okay, this may get a little Bollywood. But I have to tell truth.

There is this movie “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna”

“Agar main tumhe nahi mila hota, toh meri zindagi ka rukh kuch aur meri zindagi ka dukh kuch aur hota”

Translation : “If I had not met you, my life’s direction would have been something else; my life’s sorrow would have been something else”

I hope I translated it right. Although the movie is not anything special. I just love this dialogue. The inevitability of sorrow, the realization that inspite the sorrow you’re facing in your life right now, had you chosen a different path in your life, you’d still have sorrow of different kind. So life is somehow, choosing, one of many tragedies to live.


5. What’s your definition of Love?

Definition of love: My definition of love, changes with my mood :). Right now, it feels “Love is the feeling of belonging”


6. One (JUST ONE) fictional character who you would like to come to life?

That is a tough question. Hmmm….maybe Kyle from novel “Marshmallows for Breakfast”. I’d like to have him as my best friend. 🙂


7. What is the one thing that makes you NOT give up on life?

I have way too many people to meet (and disappoint), way to many books to read, way too many songs to listen, too many things to experience. I think I am curious about my life and this world. I think that keeps me going.


8. Talent or Hardwork?

For me, definitely hard work. I believe with enough hard work can help us cultivate the talent we never thought we had. I don’t feel I have much talent. But I live in the hope that if I work hard enough in the right direction, maybe I’ll reach the fraction of what I want to be. What is life if not making yourself what you want to be.


9. Which is the one year in your life that you would like to live differently and why?

There was one year I dropped after my 12th grade, to prepare for Entrance exam (JB McPayne may get that) for engineering. That one year was a torture, studying something, that I don’t like. That I always believe was total waste of an year.


10. One historic event you’d like to experience?

To visit Nalanda University before it was destroyed (I don’t know whether that classifies as historic event)


11. One thing in your life you regret NOT doing when you had the chance?

Doing a graduation in Literature (or psychology)


Random 11 facts about me:

  1. My favorite animal is panda and my favorite flower daisy. The funny thing is, I have only seen them in TV. So I have not actually seen them.
  2. My biggest weakness is food. I get so irritated when I don’t get something I want to eat or if am hungry. I am very patient otherwise. But when it comes to food, not so patient. I act very unreasonably in those circumstances.
  3. If someone pinches my nose, I get cold (or is it just blocked nose, don’t know). That is something I am terrified of. 😦
  4. I hate people who treat books badly. I mean no dog-ears on books. Not torn pages, no writing, no marking. I don’t give people my books , just out of fear that they will ruin it. I am quite possessive of my books.
  5. My favorite sites of all time are StumbleUpon and WordPress. Recently joined Twitter, let’s see how that works out. (Till now I am entertained)
  6. I always wanted to become a teacher (it will remain a dream 😦 )
  7. I am afraid of all animals. I am totally a dog-person, if only I was not afraid of them. When I see them from a distance, I am like “Woow! they are so cute…etc”, the moment they come towards me, I am running all around the place, shrieking. Don’t know what happens to me.
  8. I have lost half of the things I have ever written, because I keep them somewhere “SAFE”, and forget where it was.
  9. I am very lazy. Most lazy in the circle of people I know. But, weird thing is, I hate to sit idle. :(. I confuse myself so much.
  10. I like people who are enthusiastic about whatever they like. Even if it is something I don’t like.
  11. I love to have discussion about random things, that is not related to practicality of life. In fact, I am the most un-practical person. Even, if I know what should be done, I don’t do it just cause it doesn’t feel right. My feelings run me.


Give your nominees 11 questions to answer:

  1. What would be the perfect climate?
  2. The most scary movie you have ever seen?
  3. One thing you could change about the world?
  4. Your most precious belonging?
  5. One childhood memory?
  6. What irritates you?
  7. One place you always wanted to go/visit?
  8. Are you the person, you always wanted to be?
  9. Worst nightmare ever?
  10. Friendship or Love? Which is more important to you?
  11. Your best quality?


Thank you once again, for nominating me 🙂

(that was one of longest post I have ever written)


  1. Congratulations Nayana, thank you for looking in my direction with the kind nomination. It’s interesting to learn more about you. Please take care and have a wonderful day. ~ Mia

  2. Loved your answers. I didn’t know you were a repeater, I feel bad for you. I wanted to pursue literature, too, but you know how it is here. Great to see you doing a kinda casual post, got to know a bit about you. Thank you for doing this…

    1. Don’t feel so bad for me. Even I don’t feel that bad for me. (Repeater na bolo, bohut negative word h 🙂 )
      I am glad you liked the answers 🙂
      Yup, that true, I never do causual post. There’s a first time for everything. 🙂

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