Black Cat Blue Sea Award

So this month I got my second blogging award (yipee…). So happy. 🙂 I don’t think I will ever be able to handle the awards calmly. My only reaction is and can be hysterical happiness and excitement. (I guess I am too childish 🙂 ) I came to know yesterday that fauxcroft has nominated me for BlackContinue reading “Black Cat Blue Sea Award”


The breaths not taken are accumulating. It mixes with the tears not shed. Creates a poison that lingers in my thought but doesn’t flow into my blood. To keep me barely alive to suffer. Suffer from a poison of my own making. Slowly I forget one small detail at a time. I realize it onlyContinue reading ““PLAYGROUNDS”-Nayana Nair”

“SMALL WORLD” -Nayana Nair

I see these places that will remain as strange as they are to me today. I see these little people scattered on the streets. I see them locked away in a world not their own. This lonely expanse on this never ending piece of earth. And I see these toy like cars and trucks. SomehowContinue reading ““SMALL WORLD” -Nayana Nair”

“MISREAD” -Nayana Nair

I have stacks and heaps of poems I have misread. Where I filled the blanks which were not meant to be filled. Where I was supposed to stand stupefied by absurdity of life I tried to find some order , some reason. Where I was supposed to sit and listen to worries I gave advice.OrContinue reading ““MISREAD” -Nayana Nair”


Boarding that midnight bus seemed a lot like running. Just faster and easier. Less painful for legs and lungs. Less real than wind on my face and ground beneath my feet. It’s just sitting here in comfort and counting seconds, minutes, days and breaths left. It’s just looking out, and knowing a secret. A secretContinue reading ““A LOT LIKE RUNNING”- Nayana Nair”