The Real Neat Blog Awards

Thank you The Shimmer Within Her for nominating me for this award. ( I am glad and honored that you considered me worthy for this award. (When I get an award, what never fails to amazes me is someone actually remembers about my blog, thank you 🙂 ) The Rules: Thank and link the blogger who nominatedContinue reading “The Real Neat Blog Awards”

Three Day Quote Challenge- Day 3

Day 3: “We are inseparable from our deepest want and fear: to be seen as we are.” -Part-broken,Part-whole ( This quote is from one of my favorite blogs of all time. I just love each and every line this writer (Luna, that’s her name on Twitter) has ever written. It was so difficult to choseContinue reading “Three Day Quote Challenge- Day 3”

Three Day Quote Challenge- Day 2

  Day 2: “I am but a poet, I create all that I am not.” – Karen Hayward ( This quote underlines so many things that I believe and feel about poetry. Although, I read almost anything I can get my hands on and love reading, but poems are much more closer to my heart. IContinue reading “Three Day Quote Challenge- Day 2”

“Not Mine”- Nayana Nair

In an unguarded moment I saw what it is, to not see myself. The fogged up mirror didn’t let my reflection reach me. And what reached me was just a picture colored out of lines. The more I looked at my obscured face, the more I was convinced that the faces was not mine. TheContinue reading ““Not Mine”- Nayana Nair”

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

O’Shine ORIGINAL (who has a lovely blog) nominated me for Three Day Quote challenge (long long back). Thank you for nominating me. 🙂 Here’s a link to his post : Day 1: “This was the recognition of the freedom of every man to think, to feel, and to look at things in his own way; theContinue reading “Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1”

Galip’s Dream – Nayana Nair

I dreamt of Galip’s dream, He dreamt of  sitting by a blue haired girl on a bus. I dreamt of what he saw. He looks at her sitting alone by the window. He doesn’t wonder why her hair is blue. He doesn’t ask why is she so beautiful. He doesn’t wonder why she she alone,Continue reading “Galip’s Dream – Nayana Nair”