“Never Sure”-Nayana Nair

He has eyes with stare of cruelty which runs with rivers of pain. A smile so calculated afraid of betraying himself, again. His care and love are wrapped in the covers of indifference. He looks at this world as if it is always within his reach but can never grasp. He is two person. IContinue reading ““Never Sure”-Nayana Nair”

“How Easily”-Nayana Nair

The rain has left leaving behind puddles and mud sticking to the sole of my clean clean shoes. But this muddy road I walk on it glistens like diamonds under the streetlight. And picture seems more beautiful, feels more beautiful than what I expected it to be.  Slowly my eyes, absorb this picture and itContinue reading ““How Easily”-Nayana Nair”

“Be With Me” – Nayana Nair

My pain sits on my shoulder, clings to my neck and sings stories of years that defined me. How it had no one else but me. It was so fierce, yet so fragile. I felt the urge to protect it. From anything. From everything. I wanted to protect it from every cure. I wanted itContinue reading ““Be With Me” – Nayana Nair”