“United” -Nayana Nair

I take each step forward thinking about the steps you took without me. My heart has faith in the love that it felt and it knows not how to give up. But the pain of your indifference and neglect hits the shore made of pebbles and shells we collected all our life, for the oneContinue reading ““United” -Nayana Nair”

“This Life”- Nayana Nair

Slowly, I am killing myself. One drop at a time. With each drop of time that leaves this life, I observe helplessly but still having control. Any second, I can save myself. But I choose not to. Everyone dies anyway. Everyone is dying this same death.  

“Small, small doubts”- Nayana Nair

It kills me to keep guessing which one of us realizes first, our folly of being too proud of our love and its power. While hundreds of such love cease to exist each moment. Hundreds of hearts broken. And those people who no longer love, who no longer want to love Did they, like us,Continue reading ““Small, small doubts”- Nayana Nair”

“In the darkness” – Nayana Nair

I see this small image of me in my mind’s eye. In a world filled with black fog, there in the center stands someone. Who feels like my life personified. I feel I am copy of whoever stands in that darkness. I feel I only exist there. I feel I am the darkness.