“All wrong”- Nayana Nair


I cried and complained
and wrote of this sadness.
I said the same stuff again and again
and still I felt
that I wasn’t saying enough.
I saw your face
in every word I wrote.
I saw your face
till I couldn’t see anymore.
Till I became blind
to all reason.
Till I created the world
where I do not have to wait for you.
Where you didn’t exist, I didn’t exist.
But it was all wrong.
I realized you had to exist somewhere
for me to keep on writing.


    1. Yupp 🙂 I write better when I am sad , what to do 🙂 can’t help it. Sadness has some kind of beauty to it. I feel more when I am sad. When I say I feel more, it means everything in the world strikes my heart. The small things that we don’t notice in our happy lives, sadness gives a beautiful perspective to see it. I don’t know whether it is same for everyone. But that’s how it is for me. 🙂

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