“Stories about me” – Nayana Nair


There have been numerous accounts
of my failing life
and the reasons of my silence.
And these stories never cease to surprise me.
From time to time
I find the people in my life
have had a story about me
all along
that even I was not aware of.
Their uncalled kindness
and their uncalled cruelty
all had an explanation.
Explanations that had nothing to do with me.
In everyone’s heart their is someone by my name.
They have put me in colors
when I always was in grays.
I find
I never had a friend.
And I find them lonely
just like me,
when I look at the people
I have colored myself.


  1. madmagpie says:

    It is both chilling and liberating when you realize that fellow humans live and do thing to justify own way of being. Chilling because whatever opinions or advice they offer is coming from their within that has preconceived judgement of you that are not there to elevate you but to bring you to what they will refer to as harsh reality. Yet the harsh reality they are speaking about is a subjective one for it is theirs or what they want it to be for them. Still there will be moments of pure selflessness that will take place when you will have an encounter with a complete stranger who in that moment will do nothing less than shine a light into your heart and warm it up.

    Thank you for seeing colors in fellow beings.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Glad you could relate to my thoughts 🙂
      Thanks a lot 🙂

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