“Nothing hurts more” – Nayana Nair


The table is set before us.
The lights from a far away sadness
finding its way
to our faces,
that seem too empty without it.
There are friends
holding glasses filled with whatever
helps them forget their hope.
Nothing hurts more than hope.


For this hour
the ache of our heels
and the weight on our eyes
are replaced with something
smaller and innocent,
something more painful.
Like a snow globe filled
with broken promises.
And we all become kids,
who are still waiting for the presents
of a Christmas marked on calendars lost.
Sleeping on beds that are too small for us.
Holding onto wishes that really doesn’t matter now.
Nothing hurts more than hope.


  1. It’s true…sometimes hope hurts. We, sometimes, hope for something so strong and dear to our hearts and are let down by the results. But there are other times when something great comes about from hoping. I always feel that we should always take a chance on hope because it’s better than the alternative of feeling doubt and despair. Great post!

  2. To love is to invite the chance of hurt. To love deeply is to invite the chance of deep hurt.
    To not love invites a living death of Spirit and Soul. This Hurt leads to Love for the only one who Hurt for you and then resurrected from the hurt so Jesus could heal many. Because Jesus first loved us and Hurt/Suffered for His love for us. Be Christ like….

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