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“Mistaken” – Nayana Nair


there were others as well
who were standing beside me till now,
who loved me, at least liked me.
Surely I am mistaken
that I am abandoned.
There were several houses that fell silent
as my legs lingered on their doorsteps.
There was a sigh of relief as I left.
A sigh
muffled by my own will to ‘not hear’.
As I went far from them,
their memories and promises
became louder in my head.

Surely I was mistaken.

About Nayana Nair

Hi, I am Nayana Nair. I'm 25. Just a crazy girl who has tons of things to talk about....not much organized thoughts sadly. I like to talk about everything...mostly..every conversation of mine turns into a monologue.... So I decided I should start writing a blog..rather than chat.... I'm very much passionate about music, psychology and literature.... Moderate interest in science..... I always want to be a writer (and also a teacher)..But I don't think I have the skills required...this blog is just my attempt at becoming the writer I always wanted to be...Blogging for few years, I have realized I am more of a poet (although, I am not sure that I am good enough for that label)...I hope I realize more about myself through writing. Thanks for dropping by!! Hope I didn't disappoint. :)

8 responses »

  1. Good poem 🙂
    Keep writing!

  2. Loved these lines Ñayana 😀😀 😀😀
    Keep writing like this

  3. universe fireflie

    is this about friendship cuz i feel like it is….
    and if it is then i m gonna go and cry becuz SOOOO RELATABLEEEE!!!!
    sorry. had to do that

    • Yeah, it is about the friendships that we thought was for life but it isn’t and sometime you don’t know the distance and harsh words (sometimes spoken behind our backs ) you heard are really true that you want to shut your eyes to the reality or blame oneself for reacting too much, loving too much.
      I felt it was me being over-sensitive that I felt the alienation. 😦

      • universe fireflie

        the exact same thing is happening in my life.
        and its pretty messed up because when things like this happen u just feel insecure about yourself and feel like you invested so much while the other person didnt even think about you.
        its messed up because usually things like this happen and u lose the will to open your self up to somebody

      • I know EXACTLY what you feel. It is a torturous phase (for me that phase never passes, I have just started to avoid honest friendship) but I figure it is impossible to find a real friend (now I have lost track of what my meaning of “real” was initially) and even if you do, all these friends are for moment. Worse thing is you start even doubting the good time you had together.
        Unrequited friendships 🙂

      • universe fireflie

        its soooo messed up. with friends it a different kind of hurt. it pricks and hurts in so many places

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