“Somehow” – Nayana Nair


I am fed up of trying to find signs
and proofs,
begging for reassurance from strangers
that I am somehow special,
that I matter.


  1. guess what.
    god decided to out atoms in uo fine body.
    Isnt that enought to understand that everysingle one of us is special

    1. That’s true 🙂
      Everyone was made special, but there are not many who feel that they are. It is just the matter of realizing the truth and looking at the right places and asking the right questions. 🙂

  2. Oooo
    powerful words to match a powerful image
    very relatable.
    I think the key is to find acceptance of yourself as a unique person, as strangers will only offer you the superficial, the mask we all wear.

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