“Lovable Beings” – Nayana Nair


The familiar images of a girl with strength
and a guy with heart
and feelings that can be reasoned.
I found them everywhere in stories
but not in life.
Mostly they were just weak people
who learnt how to live with their heart.
And loved and let themselves be loved
with the faults that they had.
people who were – what they were.
No love or devotion
promising to change them into lovable beings.
Especially when ‘lovable’ was defined
by people who didn’t approve certain lives
and certain love.
And the perfect image of love
and notion of the perfect people who deserved it
made me think of the emotions we cut from our heart.
Leaving us little more empty,
taking us a little more far
from the perfect life that we were told to have.


  1. universe fireflie says:

    gotta say this before reading the poem
    absolutely love the title

    U R LOVABLE BEING!!! haha

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Thank you :):D
      You are also really lovable 🙂

      1. universe fireflie says:

        thank u as well 🙂

  2. universe fireflie says:

    i kinda get what u mean in this poem

    job well done 🙂

      1. universe fireflie says:


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