“Missing and wanting what lies forgotten” – Nayana Nair


For long I have lived
avoiding a lot in life.
The sting of disappointment.
The pointless chatter that becomes
noise, laughter,
a habit. A lovely company.
The colors that didn’t suit me,
colors that I loved just the same.

But now I miss the life in my heart
and the pain that made skies and stars more bright,
that made earth more warm, and love more necessary.

Now I want to dream of happiness again.


  1. Stop dream the happiness…. go outside and find her….

    Sun….. moon….. flowers…. trees… animals….. sounds…..

    People… dance… sports….

    Trips…. sea…. sand…. mountains…..

    Happiness…is inside us but wants to find her way outside ……

    1. I totally agree with you.
      I believe that sometimes people get hurt when they have wanted happiness and taken effort for it. And that hurt makes them close their hearts to the happiness that exists all around them.

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