“Effortless” – Nayana Nair


On the other side of this puddle,
where my feet is caught,
is the ocean of joy
in which I wandered
only to be caught in the hook of the sadness
that slips into my wound so effortlessly
that the pain felt like love,
because it felt like the only thing that I could call as mine.


  1. Is it because, we tend to not to share.. pain.. or it is obvious.. ?

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Maybe it is because even if we share the pain, no can suffer it for us, no one can understand it as we ourselves do.

      1. I comply on your words.. Pain is pain .. One knows his pain.. 😋😊

  2. true that no one can understand your pain but because we as a species have the unique ability to be empathic we still can connect with another.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      I agree with you on that point.
      From my personal experience, there have been times when I have been moved to tears by the pain of others and I thought I understood them and felt their pain. But when I was faced with those same issues and same suffering, the depth of what I feel was something so different from what I felt when the pain was others.
      Many times I would give them suggestions to get out of those situation, but my own words seemed mockable to me when I went through the same things, understood the rational thinking can do so little to reduce my pain.

      1. you just described the learning curve of empathy!

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