“Turn Your Face to Mine” – Nayana Nair


The light I can always return to-
that’s who you are.
The darkness I can always sleep in-
that’s who you are.
An amphibian who moves away
from what it will always seek
sooner or later,
who seeks two things
(or too many things) at once;
dancing with and writhing in
not one but two bodies-
that’s who I am.
Turn your face to mine
and see
which monster you have to feed today.


  1. It’s quite an expression of ambivalence, two people who are each yin and yang, light and shadow, dual natures “dancing with and writhing in/
    not one but two bodies” as this so mysteriously and sexily puts it. It’s the magnetism of a relationship where each person is a boundless mystery to the other, but hopefully completes them with whatever they lack!

  2. Ahhh, your verses are such a beautiful capture of human nature and personality and moods. Most of us strive to follow our better angels but sometimes we listen to the devil too!

    Thanks so much for spending your precious time reading my words!! I hope you will continue to find them worthy!!!

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