“Burnt Dreams” – Nayana Nair


My night melts into dreams of you
and even when I loose my dream
I loose my sleep,
the night stays with me.
The broken strand of hair on my shoulder
could have been your tear
if it had not passed through this night
I live with,
if it was not born in the fragile dream
that you are.


    1. Let me try to explain it, though I am not sure I will be successful in that.
      If you live in a harsher world, even of someone sends you something fragile, when it reaches you it will be damaged beyond recognition. Because since it was born in such a gentle environment, when it tries to reach you, it has to go through your harsher world, the world it doesn’t know and cannot handle. If you are a sensitive person, difficulties in life can either break you or strengthen you, but irrespective of either of what happens, you will change.
      I think I mean that. πŸ™‚

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