“Far from Ideal” – Nayana Nair

I cannot ask you why your mind is so twisted.
I cannot ask why you are not fair.
Maybe your situation didn’t allow you to be ideal
and that’s why you don’t care.
So I will stop now.
I will stop asking questions that you need not answer
because there is a lot more to us, a lot that we have suffered
that we can neither speak of, nor expect to be understood.
So you can continue to fight with your darkness
and I will continue fighting mine.
And if we find each other on opposite sides
lets forgive each other for being who we are.


  1. Powerful last lines. I like how this poem speaks of acceptance despite being on the opposing sides. That’s how love should be, I guess. Even when you need to be apart.

    1. Yupp, people we love need not be agreeable. They might not always be what we want them to be or what we think is right. But I believe everyone is right from their own perspective. Everyone has their weaknesses and everyone has someone or something to protect. Their behavior or opinions exist due to certain reasons which we cannot always know. Though it is not always possible to always understand someone, but we can at least try to accept the fact they have the right to feel what they feel. Even if we disagree we can still love and respect each other. That is an ideal situation, but it is something I believe we can work for.

      Really glad that you liked it dear πŸ™‚
      Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

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