“Looks Better on You” – Nayana Nair

You have left your reflection in my mirrors
and now I have no choice but to dispose them.
I do not want to see you
tainted by anything that is mine.

You may not know this
(and may you never know)
but I love you
because you are nothing like me,
I love you
because you cannot understand me.
You remind of what I could be
if life gave me better circumstances
or if I knew how to choose better.

On you this shine of happiness,
that life stole from me,
on you
they look better.
If that is how the world works,
if happiness is a fixed constant
I’ll gladly let you have my share.

Though you are always holding my world together,
I do not mind everything falling apart
if in all the breaking
you are the only one kept intact.


  1. AQUIB says:

    That’s lovely to read. Very well penned. 👍👍

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Thanks a lot 😊😁

      1. AQUIB says:

        Most welcome *welcome title track started playing *

  2. You know about those artistic pieces which are so good that it hurts? I mean, on one hand it’s wonderful like it should be, like a thing of beauty being joy forever. But on the other, it’s beautiful in a poignant way. It speaks so much truth that it pains a bit and then a little part of me (just a little) wish if it weren’t so. But to love an art to is to embrace all that it entails. This is what your poems are to me and you are a masterful artista 😊

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      I am really glad that you liked my work😊
      Though I am not sure such beautiful description can be used to described my work, not sure if I am worthy of such a praise.
      But I am really happy to know that you enjoy and appreciate my work so. There is nothing more encouraging than knowing that my work has some meaning to the reader.
      Thanks a lot 😊

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