“Have a Good Day” – Nayana Nair

I was sat down and told repeatedly everyday
that though the world belongs to all of us,
sometimes it is better
to step back,
to only take up the space we need.
I misunderstood it to be a lesson in humility,
wanting less, and sacrifice,
but I realize now that it was not so.
I was told to stop before I anger someone,
before someone got jealous,
or before they saw the weakness of my gender.

As I stand on the balcony at midnight
and hear drunk shady men shouting, cursing, and stumbling,
as they make their way to their broken homes,
I remind myself
this is what I am supposed to fled,
a person who is allowed to loose their mind,
a person who will always have excuse to hurt.
This what everyone wanted me to become,
someone who is proficient at spotting dangers,
who can conjure up the worst possible scenarios
when they hear another’s footsteps on deserted streets,
and see the worst possible demons in the face of men.

These days I often hear people say
that the new meaning of a powerful woman is
the one who walks into misfortune willingly,
before she is stalked and defeated by it.
Is this the only alternative to what I am living?

I wish that when I walked past a stranger on streets
I could smile and wish them a good day,
without having to fear being misunderstood,
without the echoes of ‘she asked for it’ in my mind.


  1. Raj Krishna says:

    You again made me speechless. You totally mesmerised me with your words, feelings, emotions and imaginations.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Thank you so much 🙂
      Means a lot to hear that from you. You wonderful comments about my work, help me have some confidence in what I write.
      Thanks a lot 😀

  2. Jauch says:

    What dark and terrible thoughts you let going out here… I know. I know. I know, even not knowing, because my gender is different. But I know, and I am sad for you and for all others that feel the same..

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      There are many who have to have to live like this. That makes me really sad sometimes. Things like this that we consider normal, are really disheartening when we stop and actually think about it.
      I hope sometime in future, there comes a day, when we don’t have to be cautious of being nice to others.
      Thank you for your kind words of support 🙂 Means a lot

      1. Jauch says:

        We have a small boy, and we are trying to raising him so that he learns to respect everybody, old and new, man and woman, of any color, of any religion… It is not an easy task… Should be.

      2. Nayana Nair says:

        That is so nice. It is very necessary to inculcate good values in the younger generation, they are at a stage where they can absorb so much and everything leaves an impression on them. And I understand why it could be so difficult, because they interact not only with us but with entire world, and we cannot control the kind of interaction and experience they get exposed to. We can only try our best to help them become a person who makes the world a better place.

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