“Glimpse” – Nayana Nair

once in a while
we move to the edge
that separates what we are
from what we can be.
we try to look as far as we can
and tell ourselves ‘we don’t want that’.

but what is it that we see there?
what is it this we can never ignore?
why are do we find ourselves trying to catch a glimpse of
all that we don’t want to be?

my moments at that edge have always brought me tears.
and i never know what my heart hurts for, yearns for, mourns for-
the ‘now’ that can easily be lost?
or the life i can never move towards?


  1. efge63 says:

    Good morning Nayana!!!!!

    Fate has its tricky ways of throwing something in front of you you’ve never expected. My philosophy in life is don’t regret anything you do, because in the end it makes you who you are.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Good morning dear 🙂
      I agree with you on that. Things happen for a reason and it everything we go through makes us who we are.

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