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“A Silent Machinery” – Nayana Nair

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I put on my favorite show
(that I have seen for umpteenth time),
increase the volume,
fill my plate.
My eyes glued to TV
notices too late all that I have spilled,
fill my plate with things I won’t eat.

The same beautiful scene.
Under the yellow light
stand two actors,
pretending to be in love,
doing a better job at it
that we ever could,
saying words
we could never say.

My heart breaks to see this love,
it pops like a bubble wrap,
bursts like a bubble of daydreams.
No, it doesn’t hurt.
I just hear a sound
from the otherwise silent machinery
that keeps me running.

I am glad you meant enough to me
to have become
a familiar bump on the familiar road
that my heart always takes.

About Nayana Nair

Hi, I am Nayana Nair. I'm 25. Just a crazy girl who has tons of things to talk about....not much organized thoughts sadly. I like to talk about everything...mostly..every conversation of mine turns into a monologue.... So I decided I should start writing a blog..rather than chat.... I'm very much passionate about music, psychology and literature.... Moderate interest in science..... I always want to be a writer (and also a teacher)..But I don't think I have the skills required...this blog is just my attempt at becoming the writer I always wanted to be...Blogging for few years, I have realized I am more of a poet (although, I am not sure that I am good enough for that label)...I hope I realize more about myself through writing. Thanks for dropping by!! Hope I didn't disappoint. :)

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  1. You are a brilliant poet.

  2. May I ask what your favorite show may be? You have a great way with words Nayana!

    • Although I have lots and lots of TV series that are my favorite, the one I am talking about here in this poem is a 16 episode series called “Cheese in the Trap”.
      This is a series that I have probably watched more than 10 times. Every time I watch it, I love it a little bit more.
      I am not even sure if I can explain the story properly and do justice to what it is. It is a love story, but what I like about it is the characters and their growth, such heartfelt is their portrayal, that you can’t help but feel for them. The girl is introvert, awkward, hardworking and sensitive. The guy is nice, everyone’s friend, popular and sought after (and rich – that would explain some part of his popularity). Till here it sounds like cliche but it isn’t. The girl (due to her over sensitive nature) notices how this guy is not as good as he appears and how he plans and plots and make people suffer who gets on his nerves. Almost makes him scary. He gave her a really hard time because she called him out once for who he is really. She is the one who hates him for his two-faced and manipulating nature. And then he asks her out. There are so many characters in the story that warn her how he harms people easily (they are not lying), people who have suffered at his hands. Everyone (including the girl) suspect that he is up to no good. This is the story about their relationship.
      And I love it. I don’t think I can say more about the story without spoiling it. But it is a must watch (according to me). Nothing I say about it or an review you might read, can equal the experience of watching this story unfold.

      And I am so glad that you like my work 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words dear 🙂 😀

    • Here is the wikipedia link for the series that I mentioned:

  3. I have been meaning to watch this drama for some time. Thanks for reminding me to do so. Will put it at the top of my To Watch Later Drama List. Cheers!

  4. This rather sad. Great writing, Nayana.


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