“You’re right” – Nayana Nair

last night

*i do not like saying last night
because once i only used to speak of it as ‘yesterday night’
until someone told me that it’s wrong, even if it means the same

so last night
i thought how it is something you’d say
“it means the same, but you are wrong”

sample conversation
(based on reality, read too much into lines,
sounds more neutral that it was, maybe not much of reality then)

my heart feels so empty
can’t you love me bit more
while i try to fix myself
i promise you
one day you won’t have to try
but i need you today
i need you to try a bit for me
can you wait a bit for me

you will remain empty till you hold onto yourself only
contrary to your belief
you cannot fill yourself with you
you can only be full of yourself
which might be the case that you fall under
thought i am not professionally trained
to point out the wrong
in people’s heart
but there is so much wrong with you
that i can’t swallow the judgement i have passed on you
i cannot help you grow up
i have a life, i have a dream
i have a need for someone
who can be there for me
without asking such things from me…

and so went our conversation
and obviously you were right
you were right to such an extent
that i would be just making a fool of myself
if i tried to negate the facts

so being the emotional being that i am
i hated you
for being correct, for being so cruel,
for speaking coldly about me,
for letting me know more about-
self-indulgence, self-pity,
victim mentality, and emotional manipulation.
and if i cried now, you’d be proving your point.
if i complained, you’d be writing it down as a case study
to support your claims.

and because of my stupid unrealistic love
and my distorted sense of reality
i sat there in front of you
saying “i am sorry”.

you are right
i need to get rid of what i am
to get anywhere in life,
to get over you.


  1. A part of this seems to reflect the tussle that goes on within, we all have emotions that can surface with such power they take over our bodies. Then we have the mind, that part which is supposed to be rational, to either suppress or allow the emotion. If we allow the mind to suppress all emotion then we are told we have become cold. If we remove the influence of the mind we are told we are irrational in our actions. The trap is ‘we are told’, we need to let this balance be found in ourselves. This is a bit like being on a roundabout, wondering if you about to fly off into the unknown, the ride never ends, but accept life can be like this for many and then life is easier 🙂 🙂

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      I totally agree with you. How much we invest our heart or mind into something and someone, sometimes it becomes no longer our choice. We are consciously aware how we will be judged. We’ll be judged that ‘s for sure, as you said, sometimes as cold and sometimes for our irrationality.
      So often our feelings end up remaining inside haunting us, because we don’t want to be seen weak or ‘too sensitive’ by others. And so many times one has to play dumb, act helpless to feed the ego of the other person.

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