“please leave” – Nayana Nair

please leave.
i am so fed up of this love
that only exists in my head.
my heart is a glacier, my skin a floodplain
and yet
i speak of home and family
as if i am filled with warmth till my brim.
what do i know of love?
what do i know of love, to hold you back?
we have held hands long enough,
it is okay to let go now.
how long are you going to nod along?
your phone has been ringing for an eternity,
it is okay to say the goodbye
that you have been swallowing for my sake.
don’t start loving me
for putting your freedom back on your plate.
i just don’t want to see you
die like this because of me.
i am fed up people giving up on themselves
to love someone like me.
so, please leave.

Published by

Nayana Nair

Hi, I am Nayana Nair. I'm 25. Just a crazy girl who has tons of things to talk about....not much organized thoughts sadly. I like to talk about everything...mostly..every conversation of mine turns into a monologue.... So I decided I should start writing a blog..rather than chat.... I'm very much passionate about music, psychology and literature.... Moderate interest in science..... I always want to be a writer (and also a teacher)..But I don't think I have the skills required...this blog is just my attempt at becoming the writer I always wanted to be...Blogging for few years, I have realized I am more of a poet (although, I am not sure that I am good enough for that label)...I hope I realize more about myself through writing. Thanks for dropping by!! Hope I didn't disappoint. :)


    1. I agree with you, we all deserve love. 💕

      Unrelated to this comment or the poem – I also read something sometime ago, that in matters of love, we sometimes don’t get what we deserve. Sometimes we don’t get the type of love we deserve. Sometimes the depth of our feeling for someone doesn’t guarantee that they would love us back. So though we all deserve love, love is also most unfair (like life probably).
      Sometimes choosing to break apart also is love 🙂

      1. It is hard when we love and it isn’t returned, I agree.. The best love I have found comes from when we begin to really Love ourselves.. When we do that, our hearts open up to another perspective.. And we see through a different pair of eyes, and understand we are all of us worthy. Its how we perceive ourselves..

        And yes I agree, sometimes we show love by walking away and allowing the other to go and grow…

        Many blessings.. ❤

    1. Thanks a lot dear 🙂
      We can only pray that even in the unfairness of it all, we find some meaning to everything that happens and find in ourselves the strength to let our heart feel and love, even after it is broken 🙂

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