“that’s so us” – Nayana Nair

the rains of these kind
that starts with loss and longing
that won’t slow down
won’t shut up
these rains are so much like me
so much like you
indifferent and cruel
i have found another song today
that somehow floats
above the static of this world
i have found another shelter
that fools me into believing
that my sadness is something i can run from
that we will stop belonging to each other
just because we decided to


    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Glad you could feel what I was trying to express. Thanks 🙂

  1. I really think it’s time for me to tell you
    I love your poetry Nayana!

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      So glad to hear that 🙂 Thank you so much 😀
      I will try my best to write better poem in future.
      Thank you once again 🙂 Means a lot 🙂

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