“You will always be my wonderful love” – Nayana Nair

Though once
you were bigger than me,
this is all I can spare for you,
these feelings
that won’t even add up to a drop of tear.

I know
even in my sorrow
that i must not hate you.
You have been my wonderful beautiful light
in ways you didn’t intend to.

I have used up all my gratitude
in forgetting the days
you filled me with only pain
with a smile spreading in you.

Now the part of my heart I hid from you
helps me to be myself again slowly.
Everything of me that you killed
are in bloom again.

Yet I will keep one flower
my being for you,
for your brief beautiful love.


  1. Dolly Vas says:

    Naima I can’t understand ” you filled me with only pain, with a smile spreading in you, can you elaborate it for me. Awesome poetry.🤗👆

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      In this line I wanted to portray being in love with a sadist, being in love with someone who takes pleasure in your pain. Not all love is nurturing and nourishing. There are people who are difficult to love because they are self-destructive and won’t mind hurting the ones they love. Even though a person might be important to us, they might love us in their own way, but they can be still bad for us. Sometimes it is ego, sometimes coping mechanism, sometimes their nature.
      Really glad that you liked my poem 🙂
      Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Dolly Vas says:

    Really. but why is this that a person who hurt us and we love him or he doesn’t give in reverse not something other but love. Bahut acchi poem hai thnks for reply

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