“I am still hearing things” – Nayana Nair


I heard you got sick of your life.
I heard I am not the only thing you are leaving behind.
I am getting to know you more when you are not here.
I am getting to know in ways, I didn’t want to and shouldn’t have to.
But I am still hearing things,
so I am still changing my mind.

Sometimes I want to tell them that they are wrong.
Sometimes I almost stand up for you,
but I don’t.
What I know, whom I knew, the you I knew
seems to be one more rumour on restless mouths.

Anything I can say about you now
seems as ridiculous and as probable
as what is being said about you
by those whom I don’t want to believe.

But what do I want to believe?
The ones with melting mind like me, are probably
not the ideal people to hold any beliefs about you
or about anything, actually.

Someone like me should have had
nothing to with you.
I shouldn’t have to learn my ways
about living a world without you.
Or worse a world where you are everywhere.
Just not the way I remember.
Just not the way I want.


    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 Really really glad that you liked it 🙂

      Have a beautiful day. Stay safe. 🙂

  1. Sonali says:

    Loved this one Nayana, especially the ending. It’s mind blowing! Hope you’re doing well ♥♥

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Thanks a lot dear 🙂
      Glad you liked it 🙂 😀 Thank you for all your kinds words.
      I am doing well. Hope you are doing fine as well. ♥

      1. Sonali says:

        Most welcome ♥♥

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