“The best way to disappear” – Nayana Nair


My emptiness is finally put to use.
The fishes swim in me –
the luminous disfigured creatures of depth
and the beautiful dying ones of light,
fill me up one by one.

I teach them songs of sorrow.
I hold them in my endless embrace
singing them back to life
and in return they let me feel like someone
who can protect, love, and shield.
They let me feel things no human ever could.

Even though I hate to be seen
I smile as my body is put on display.
My skin, the strongest glass.
My skin, the weakest beams.
The shallowest of oceans I become.

Humans hold hands, hold themselves
as they stand before me.
They find possibilities, mysteries, awe
in all that I hold inside,
in all that isn’t me.


  1. Searching to find ourselves and wondering what we may become, or have we already become that person. Life can stretch imagination and then making sense of that is often the fascination of life itself. Keep writing. I love your work.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      True. Like it not only about finding the possibilities of what we can be with our flaws and strength but also realizing who we are right now and seeing all that makes us that. It is so interesting and as you said fascinating. Obviously we are grabbing onto things in the dark when we try to fully understand ourselves. It is a very difficult and desperate task but it wonderful sometimes what we understand or even misunderstand ourselves to be in that process. We are changing everyday and everyday we are trying to understand someone who is no longer there but is the base on which something new has already been built. 🙂
      I am glad that you like my work. I am ever grateful for all your support. Means a lot to me.
      Hope you have a beautiful day ahead. 🙂

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