“I feel all this will outlast my fading soul” – Nayana Nair


A new patchwork of needles
is slowly put in place as my fearful flesh learns
to rely than to hide,
only to know pain
in new ways and measures.
Yet so much of myself
I dismantle and destroy to give you
the luxury of warmth
that I can’t really afford.
With you
every part of me is lit up with pain.
Though it was not the kind of light I craved for
but it is still the light that somehow suits me well.
I probably knew too little of me, too little of love
before I pledged my heart and breath to you.
Just like I am learning everyday
how love is never enough to dull any pain;
I am also made aware
how love is still the best place to lose oneself,
to bury this flesh with kindness.


  1. When we desribe love is it an emotion that we feel or a perception that we have gained from elsewhere or even a construct within our own minds? If love is meant to be joyful then why does it often cause so much anguish? Lovely provocative lines Nayana.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      Love is really such a complicated topic when one tries to look into its nature and reasons and its very existence. But at the same time, love is also so simple in the sense that it pulls at heart, and we find ourselves flowing towards it. I feel there are as may types of love as there are people, in fact every interaction between any two person gives birth to a specific unique love. We have in our life learnt so many types of love. I feel whatever is the type of love, at its core love is a powerful thing. Something that changes us to our core, for worse or for better. It can be the lone ray of light in our light or an agent of chaos or the reason new darkness in our heart. But when I think of the joys and the anguish of love, I recall this quote I had read that said something around “Love is unfairly infamous for there are thousand other reason for our sorrows apart from love itself” (I am quoting it roughly from memory, the original text was more structured and beautiful). So almost everything in our life can lead us to despair including love, but at least love also knows how to heal and makes us grow in ways nothing else can. Love is often a beautiful relief, a reliable refuge in a world where so much goes wrong.

      I am really glad that you liked my poem 🙂
      I am always grateful for your support.

      Hope you are having a wonderful day. 🙂

      1. Thank you for your words, you are always full of thoughts and I really like that. I hope that you too are having a wonderful day.

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