“Unchanging facts” – Nayana Nair


All the stories and songs and
in this part of land, at this end of life – they are all about
the boat and its wood, about the shine of its old surface,
the sound of water it carries even as it sits on the dry
dying land, burning for hours and hours.
Hours not measured in the cups of water nor in the shadows
that refuse to fall in spite of all the light,
but hours measured by the cries of gull, the number of sails torn,
the diminishing weight of the men,
and the the silent wrath of all the glorious water.
We ‘the ones rooted to the shores’,
we sing from the shade of generous trees
to ‘the ones who only knew the abundance
of salt and wounds and undying dreams’,
trying to understand their alien love.
We sing of them and their hateful dreams,
of the tears they forced us to swallow because
they couldn’t love us if we wanted to be their shackles,
we narrate these unchanging facts every morning,
we dig a new grave for the same person again and again,
with each hole in earth as empty as the other.


  1. There are some lovely analogies here. There can be times when I feel that my life is like a boat drifting without a sail, having had the courage to leave dry land. Once accepting this then the thoughts seem to flow more freely as I make my journey through life. Sailing out into the unknown is a good way of not letting the past run your life. As usual, I do love reading your work.

    1. Nayana Nair says:

      “Sailing out into the unknown is a good way of not letting the past run your life.”…this is so so true. Sometimes we need to come in terms with the fear and the possibility of mistakes we can make, before we can appreciate this journey for what it has to offer – the world with all its depths and storm of experiences with all the liberation it holds out to us.
      Thanks for you lovely words and for your continuous support.
      Means a lot to me 🙂

      Hope you have a wonderful day.

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