“where i am going…” – Nayana Nair

you, my love, my sky,my rain, my breaking heart,the lines of my fate on my aging hands,you, my collection of books that read memore than i read them,you, the beginning of my life. i am beginning to realizethe pain of dying, the prospect of being separatedfrom the warmth of your back, from thehome the turnsContinue reading ““where i am going…” – Nayana Nair”

“For you to disappear”- Nayana Nair

When the wind blows there are no branches to shake, no windows to rattle, no forgotten clothes to be abducted from my backyard, no ghost songs to invite me to new nightmares. Only your imagined face, that looks nothing like you these days, in these lifeless eyes keeps flickering. Making you almost real, making meContinue reading ““For you to disappear”- Nayana Nair”

“Substitute of Light” – Nayana Nair

Here in this night glowing with memories placed as substitute of light in the face of storm, I sit with all the words my body clung to in spite of its bare, aging and passing spring. I scratch out all the definitions of what I am from the paper that seemed to once shine andContinue reading ““Substitute of Light” – Nayana Nair”