“I dream of an end” – Nayana Nair

there is a land of promisethat only promises an end.end to everything.a painless but a sure end. i wondered if i should dream to be there.if i would be able to say this aloudif i can say,”i dream of an end”.if you ask “end to what?”what shall i say? what i should i answer?how doesContinue reading ““I dream of an end” – Nayana Nair”

“Can’t do this alone” – Nayana Nair

Hold me back from loosing myself to the the slow pain that reaches from within me spiraling up to any light it can see. Pushing me, climbing over me. Not caring. Needing not to care, while my body moves from one breaking world to other, from one uncertain gaze to another. As I read myContinue reading ““Can’t do this alone” – Nayana Nair”