“My place in this cruel landscape” – Nayana Nair

when i stood in front of the respected uncaring adultswho could never see me, beside the fickle-minded fun-seeking friendswho smoked ‘idgaf attitude’ every night, holding the handsof the demanding demeaning frightening voiceof the one i wanted to love,the one i almost loved, i knew how to smile.i knew how to let them off the hook.iContinue reading ““My place in this cruel landscape” – Nayana Nair”

“Preference” – Nayana Nair

What I find sad about people is that they do not know how to value something without looking down on everything else. What irritates me more that this attitude is celebrated in a way that makes everyone want to adopt it just to look like a person with strong opinion. Fortunately, I do not haveContinue reading ““Preference” – Nayana Nair”