“Nothing to do with love” – Nayana Nair

I want this sadness that dissolves in me,that never goes away,never stands apart from me,never looks me in the face with questionsor even answers.I am ready to take vow with this heartbreakas long as it feels like you,promises eventually to replace you,as long as my love is greater than you.I do nor have to missContinue reading ““Nothing to do with love” – Nayana Nair”

“maybe once” – Nayana Nair

his name doesn’t feel like a dying world now.once,maybe onceblue was his favorite word,i was his favorite person thing medicine game hopebut now that he is burning all his notebooksi believe life is getting better for him.he paints skies for me, paints me flowersthat have never known cold.once,maybe oncei could let myself rest in himbutContinue reading ““maybe once” – Nayana Nair”

“Dissociate” – Nayana Nair

my other headbleeds and falls offas does my bloody knife i can no longer call myself a victim of lifenow that my sin is set in stone few more hours for the sun to risefew more hours i must bear the company of my facein few more hours the world will love menow that iContinue reading ““Dissociate” – Nayana Nair”

“The owners of my mind” – Nayana Nair

I finally sit with people who have owned my mind,who have left it astray,who have come back at inopportune momentsto claim a bit of my peace for their own heart. They say guilt keeps them awake at nights.They say they need me once again.They need to see the smile of another victimto convince themselves thatContinue reading ““The owners of my mind” – Nayana Nair”

“A lie for every fear” – Nayana Nair

I walk past houses that are too silent to be there.Another drop of tearlands on my hand. I dare not stop and look. I fear I might end up finding my own home that I had left. In my eyes I might end up holding the face of the onewhose sorrow I can’t still bear.Continue reading ““A lie for every fear” – Nayana Nair”

“How I Make Excuses (Why I Never Change)” – Nayana Nair

I am <so> and <so> because I am <all innocent qualities which I don’t really have> and people are <all words that can paint a thorough villainous caricature for my convenience>, people treat me like <unpleasant words that are at least half-true> just because I let them. After all these years, is it any wonderContinue reading ““How I Make Excuses (Why I Never Change)” – Nayana Nair”

“Assumption” – Nayana Nair

We assumed that this fire that melts and hurts was safe in our hearts and no one would have to know, no one has to get burned, bear marks of this uncertain change that leaves us strangers to the ones we love. That makes it difficult to act like what we used to be, whenContinue reading ““Assumption” – Nayana Nair”

“Scores of Misfortune” – Nayana Nair

I find discontented people everywhere. They have complains. They have problems with people having problems. They have problem with people whining about these problem. They repeat every now and then how this generation has been spoiled too much. They want people to just bear it, to get on with life. They preach how there isContinue reading ““Scores of Misfortune” – Nayana Nair”

“Map” – Nayana Nair

I lose memory of the nights when you crept up the walls of my life. When you planted the seeds of doubt and made my each step wary and my words full of fear. One day I woke up knowing that I was not me, but you. I was living the second chance of yourContinue reading ““Map” – Nayana Nair”

“Faithful” – Nayana Nair

The pictures you posed for, stayed faithful to you, in keeping your grief bottled up, only to be spinkled in your art, that glamorized the pain, which was in fact hard to bear and harder to name. -In fond memory of  Kim Jong-Hyun (your absence will be deeply felt, may our love and care followContinue reading ““Faithful” – Nayana Nair”