“Red Sonnets” – Nayana Nair

red sonnets.every morning,you always gift me red sonnets.and i always kiss you back,the color of my lips fading in front of acts of affection. – i put them on my bed as i sleep on the floor.i stir my soaking noodleswith a branch broken from this bunch.i bite the sides of my mouthmake myself cryContinue reading ““Red Sonnets” – Nayana Nair”

“A Butterfly in a Concrete World” – Nayana Nair

now i only remember her smile.it is stuck in my mind like a song. now all i want is to be the reason of the this beautiful spring on the landscape of her face, just a bird who sits on a branch of her heart, just the the light that passes through her fragile wings.

“For you to disappear”- Nayana Nair

When the wind blows there are no branches to shake, no windows to rattle, no forgotten clothes to be abducted from my backyard, no ghost songs to invite me to new nightmares. Only your imagined face, that looks nothing like you these days, in these lifeless eyes keeps flickering. Making you almost real, making meContinue reading ““For you to disappear”- Nayana Nair”

“about” – Nayana Nair

about…the breaking reflections in my running blood streamthe low lying and slow dying branches of my thoughtsthe disappearing light and the terrifying and liberating heartbeatabout…words, your wordsthat i breathe in my lungsto try and hear and fail to see what you feel, what you meansince my ears are of no useas they are still filledContinue reading ““about” – Nayana Nair”

“The Little Blood I Have” – Nayana Nair

I looked up at the confused giants and puzzled at their ugly voices and deformed faces, how they hold onto stones and branches how they hold onto papers, and threw each other off cliffs. But what made me sadder was that no one who was thrown off those cliffs ever died. They just keep comingContinue reading ““The Little Blood I Have” – Nayana Nair”

“Frail Thread” – Nayana Nair

These lines that connect to my heart, pass through landscapes devoid of human presence. This frail thread passes through valley of flowers that have no color. Through balconies overlooking desolate streets and sky crowded with stars. Through stairs leading to floors that no one visits. Through the branches of old trees broken in the storms.Continue reading ““Frail Thread” – Nayana Nair”