“How people live” – Nayana Nair

I sat there crying. – It hurt to know, how people live, how they smile, how they could look at each other, how they felt welcome wherever they went, how they could sing along and not be reminded of all the sadness that song carried in itself. How my desolate riverside was their ‘beautiful view’,Continue reading ““How people live” – Nayana Nair”

“It rained last night”- Nayana Nair

(Image taken from highqualitypic.blogspot.com) In front of my dear flashing screen, I lay snuggled in my bed, Dozens of lives were put up on show, But I was engrossed in my own sorrow instead, . But the next second a flash, a thunder caught my sight, Foretelling the rain that is to follow tonight. .Continue reading ““It rained last night”- Nayana Nair”