“in the light that smiles nonetheless” – Nayana Nair

that’s where my anger lives on the mud stains of a size 7 shoesswimming on the white floor of my small apartment. in the plants uprooted, in the marigolds strewnand trampled on, in the light that smiles nonetheless. on the streets where lives my fear – that finds meand almost kills me, every time iContinue reading ““in the light that smiles nonetheless” – Nayana Nair”

“a proper life” – Nayana Nair

the metal melts on my tongue.this must be the fever that everyone warned me against.now i will never know how to die properly. i used up every drop i could find on this planetto make the broken trees in me grow.and there are so many, so many skeletons with stunted growth. i read we needContinue reading ““a proper life” – Nayana Nair”

“Getting Rid of Roads” – Nayana Nair

I wish I could keep it all,that I didn’t have to get rid ofthe roads that won’t take me anywhere. All the beginnings that won’t see an end,I wish I could hold onto them. If only my heart was huge enoughto keep every feeling that I do not need anymore,I wouldn’t have to abandon theContinue reading ““Getting Rid of Roads” – Nayana Nair”

“What we won’t find” – Nayana Nair

I have spent every bit of my energytrying not to cry, not to lose,trying to believe that this suffering is fine,that I’ll somehow make it through.I struggle to forget all the compromisesthat have only given me new scars that no one can see but me,to come in terms with the factthat it is not myContinue reading ““What we won’t find” – Nayana Nair”

“Take a moment” – Nayana Nair

Can we take a moment and applaud ourselves for being almost good, for hiding what needs to be hidden, for not abandoning what-we-are-not-proud-of, for letting it live in a world of its own. Some beautiful creatures cannot live in the harshness of this world. We are not locking it up in dark cells but areContinue reading ““Take a moment” – Nayana Nair”

“Growing Up” – Nayana Nair

Growing up we become closer to the person we are not. How shallow the facade of maturity is. How fragile the moments when we feel a human, how quickly they are lost. How we grapple at the loose ends of what’s left behind. How we ask ourselves questions and write about person in the mirror.Continue reading ““Growing Up” – Nayana Nair”