“Glass I am made of ” – Nayana Nair

There were days in my life when I knew the sun could never shine brighter and I can never be more happy. I thought these with the innocent belief of constancy of happiness, rather than the realization that put an end to hopes. Somehow with time the glass I am made of has bend, hasContinue reading ““Glass I am made of ” – Nayana Nair”

“LET’S” – Nayana Nair

Let’s sit in the crowded, tightly packed train. with people we are partially curious and partially indifferent about. Let’s be stripped of all luxuries money can afford. Let’s for once force ourselves into suffering for few hours. Let our legs hurt from sitting for hours, and sleep rest on our eyelids, but never reach ourContinue reading ““LET’S” – Nayana Nair”