“What do you know?” – Nayana Nair

why is it so that i can only choose love if i let myself look weak.it should have been easy to look weak and crumbling, when that is what i feel all the time.but it isn’t easy.maybe because the weakness of my heart has never made me look incompetent,it just made me look cold andContinue reading ““What do you know?” – Nayana Nair”

“I don’t want to be kind” – Nayana Nair

Excuses are futile, reasons unnecessary.You may have sad storybut who doesn’t.I don’t want to know what you went through.I don’t want to melt my indifference and disregardand become the only character who suffers for their understanding.I don’t want to be that lone person who considers even small actionsso that the ones who are already hurt,don’tContinue reading ““I don’t want to be kind” – Nayana Nair”