“The only way to be complete” – Nayana Nair

I sit on the cold boulderand film everything, just like I am told.I am told, only for today,I should stop sewing myself up haphazardly,messing up the live-stream,and talking about things that will never happen.I have been told to put a holdon the wonderful manipulation that does no goodto any effort my mind putsin fixing thingsContinue reading ““The only way to be complete” – Nayana Nair”

“Glow in dark” – Nayana Nair

it was once possibleto be a parrot who was a doctorwho sang in a choir of angelswho saved the world from villainswith ridiculously evil funny names. it was easy to speak of wants-a pair of shoes with lightsand a glow in dark radium cello tapeand an army uniform and cream rollsand a tiara with anythingContinue reading ““Glow in dark” – Nayana Nair”

“notes to myself/words i never follow” – Nayana Nair

travel lightand don’t get your heart brokenno matter what you are promised in return. don’t try to make another’s skin yours.the cold won’t kill you, but the search of warmth will. you may cry, cry, and cry. you may think you will cry for an eternity.but sleep will still find your exhausted eyesand you willContinue reading ““notes to myself/words i never follow” – Nayana Nair”