“We are not made for any season” – Nayana Nair

The cold that we depended onto hide our heartsdidn’t last long.First our warmth, then our fire,then our wild will-one by one they convinced uswhy we need them, that without themwe’ll never actually live.One by oneeverything we didn’t want to bestood facing us, climbing higher and fasteron our ladders out of our hell.I kept repeating myContinue reading ““We are not made for any season” – Nayana Nair”


Boarding that midnight bus seemed a lot like running. Just faster and easier. Less painful for legs and lungs. Less real than wind on my face and ground beneath my feet. It’s just sitting here in comfort and counting seconds, minutes, days and breaths left. It’s just looking out, and knowing a secret. A secretContinue reading ““A LOT LIKE RUNNING”- Nayana Nair”