“I didn’t mean it” – Nayana Nair

I did mean it all,I just didn’t want you to know.My momentary courage-the result of my long sleepless nights,let’s agree to call it my foolishness.For I won’t do anything as preposterous as that ever again.I won’t expect much from you again,not because I was at wrong. Even though it was the only thing I couldContinue reading ““I didn’t mean it” – Nayana Nair”


  Feeling the cold metal at her neck In the cramped up space where she sat, She looked out of the window, with her mind Far way from what reached her eyes.   Reflecting, how foolish she had always been, Foolish for believing people without any doubt, To hold onto them even if they hurtContinue reading ““VIRTUE OF FOOLISHNESS”- NAYANA NAIR”