“I let him drive” – Nayana Nair

I roll down my windowhoping for the first timethat I knew how to driveso that I wouldn’t have a confused witnessto my impulse of moving forward by a mileand falling down by a heartbeat. “Is everything alright?”,he asks me too often.I don’t bother to calm him down by saying ‘yes’as I was doing an hourContinue reading ““I let him drive” – Nayana Nair”

“A Somewhat Lilac Sky” – Nayana Nair

Now that I am made of evening skies,if I move into that night,I can’t ever return.The one who tastes the morning sun,the one who kisses your lips,the one who somehow lives onwon’t be me.So let me remain this beautiful.Let us stop here.The snow would be here soonand time would bring ussmall doses of the soothingContinue reading ““A Somewhat Lilac Sky” – Nayana Nair”

“Same Mirror” – Nayana Nair

Even though we know we will end up being disappointed in ourselveswe still want find that same mirror again and again,expecting to see something different.Hoping that it will work out one day.Hoping one day our faults would be too insignificant to matter.Relying on the surety of the forgetfulness of the worldthan the forgiveness that weContinue reading ““Same Mirror” – Nayana Nair”