“Fragmented Thoughts (7)” – Nikitha Nair

An eternity waits for you.An eternity waits for me.It won’t be long before we meeteach other. River beds go dry.River beds go dry,sparrows swallow seeds,the pots are broken,and will never be filled.But the eternity waits for us.A second, an hour walks slow,taunting me,but holding,holding a promise of tomorrow,a promise of you. –Nikitha Nair

“Fragmented Thoughts (6)”- Nikitha Nair

The Dragon made her the princess, which the world wanted to save. No harm, no mistreatment. The Dragon treated her like a fellow companion. Without the fear of being chained or tortured or give up on her dreams. She lived with her Dragon in their desolate castle. Away from mankind. Away from hypocrisy. The daysContinue reading ““Fragmented Thoughts (6)”- Nikitha Nair”

“FRAGMENTED THOUGHTS (4)” – Nikitha Nair

We see ourselves , we see others and then we try to see ourselves in others. We rejoice when we find ourselves in others. But we moan for the loss of our individuality that we want and don’t want at the same time. We want to be lost and still want to be found. AContinue reading ““FRAGMENTED THOUGHTS (4)” – Nikitha Nair”