“in the light that smiles nonetheless” – Nayana Nair

that’s where my anger lives on the mud stains of a size 7 shoesswimming on the white floor of my small apartment. in the plants uprooted, in the marigolds strewnand trampled on, in the light that smiles nonetheless. on the streets where lives my fear – that finds meand almost kills me, every time iContinue reading ““in the light that smiles nonetheless” – Nayana Nair”

“my eyes miss everything” – Nayana Nair

i try not to thinkabout the places that are lostand evaporatedonly leaving clouds of colorless memoriesfloating on my not so blue sky places that are lostnot only to mebut to this worldnow no one will ever know the sweetnessof the light that was never beautiful enoughto be captured and framedlight that is only beautiful onlyContinue reading ““my eyes miss everything” – Nayana Nair”

“Fictional Friends” – Nayana Nair

i break another glass today, the girl with blue highlights in her hairwalks over it without bleedingbut tells me not to try such things at home on my own,that it took her years of invisibilityto even try such tricks.but she has no suggestions for what else i should do instead of breaking my smooth skinContinue reading ““Fictional Friends” – Nayana Nair”

“Remaining Life” – Nayana Nair

Hand me back my fear. Remove all signs of caution. Anyway, I am dying slowly. I don’t want to know more. I don’t want to know better. Come into my mind. Here there is no better. There are only picture frames that do not break even when they have lost the images they lived for.Continue reading ““Remaining Life” – Nayana Nair”

“Out of Frame” – Nayana Nair

My pictures are not about me they are just replacable frames filled with the skin I have shed filled with people who have left and with my smile that has changed beyond recognition. So I can’t help but look at them and picture the happy life this person must have had when I know itContinue reading ““Out of Frame” – Nayana Nair”

“Home” – Nayana Nair

I will give you a list houses that once used to be my home and addresses that are the only memory that has not been blurred or manipulated by my mind. If you ever want to find me, go there. You will see the line of trees that framed my sunrise and almost dry riversbedsContinue reading ““Home” – Nayana Nair”

“Our House” – Nayana Nair

In that house that stands on the border of two hearts, where as your eyes scan the room I became one of the collected belongings. I found your curses and blames hidden in odd places. In the bottom of a tea cups, of tea made too sweet In the peels of an apple left onContinue reading ““Our House” – Nayana Nair”