“Variant of Love” – Nayana Nair

You held me as I broke again and again.Your warm chest tried to hold me, to keep me alive.I couldn’t cry anymoreI felt indebted to you I loved you. You left me againin the crowd that you promised to protect me from.I called you, your number and you name-becoming useless to me with each passingContinue reading ““Variant of Love” – Nayana Nair”

“What I Remember(8)”- Nayana Nair

when i see my past pain in your tears now come here, come inside and cry how much ever you want. we don’t want the neighbors to know how much worse we are doing than them. trust me dear, it does no one good if you go around with these puffed eyes and cracking voice.Continue reading ““What I Remember(8)”- Nayana Nair”

“Neither Blue” – Nayana Nair

Neither in the blue of the sky or in the blue of the sea, I could find a place for my blue heart to be. For my love to stay alive inspite of what it suffers, in spite of what it sees. And I wait till this wait outlives my frustation or I can stopContinue reading ““Neither Blue” – Nayana Nair”