“but love…” – Nayana Nair

but lovethe i cannot see youwithout this night,for you are not my sunbut only it’s reminder. but lovei can be the person you loveonly as long as you love be back,as long as my heart wants to forget the pastand the owner of my heart. but lovein your gloryi always fall short.i yearn to loveContinue reading ““but love…” – Nayana Nair”

“SEARCH”- Nayana Nair

Day and night she felt it that emptiness that lived within her which engulfed her life and enveloped her being it had its own throbbing heart and a hunger to be fulfilled its throbbing each minute reminded her of futility of life whatever she may do wherever she may go only this emptiness she knewContinue reading ““SEARCH”- Nayana Nair”