“As the fire dies out” – Nayana Nair

After a long time, I feel like walking towards the calm unknown.The wildness in me that I had thrown away,is waiting for me.They were always waitingto tell me all the gossips of stars and fishes,how lost and alone they both feltto know that blue they had in commonwere totally different worlds. The clothes that madeContinue reading ““As the fire dies out” – Nayana Nair”

“Wish List” – Nayana Nair

what do i want? snapshots of food i can’t eat? GIFs and videos to forward? people to gossip about? people to gossip to? friends? false sense of confidence? a filter for my mouth? a switch to put my heart to death? a reality check (altered to suit my expectation)? amnesia? counselling sessions? one more funContinue reading ““Wish List” – Nayana Nair”

“One of them” – Nayana Nair

Slowly I hear a flood, a riot, a madness of people rushing towards me. Their voices turning from gossiping whispers to name calling. Their anger pulling triggers real and imaginary. I hear a silence in the world that looks at me and tell me a list of things I did wrong to deserve this. TheyContinue reading ““One of them” – Nayana Nair”