“Our House” – Nayana Nair

In that house that stands on the border of two hearts, where as your eyes scan the room I became one of the collected belongings. I found your curses and blames hidden in odd places. In the bottom of a tea cups, of tea made too sweet In the peels of an apple left onContinue reading ““Our House” – Nayana Nair”

“Small, small doubts”- Nayana Nair

It kills me to keep guessing which one of us realizes first, our folly of being too proud of our love and its power. While hundreds of such love cease to exist each moment. Hundreds of hearts broken. And those people who no longer love, who no longer want to love Did they, like us,Continue reading ““Small, small doubts”- Nayana Nair”


( Image taken from weheartit.com) On the way to the library, We both giggled as we talk, When everyone was ahead in a hurry, You stayed back with me and slowly we walk  . Here at this moment I want That this walk, this path would never end, But I’d wish You’d stop sacrificing youContinue reading “AND SLOWLY WE WALK”- Nayana Nair.”