“The wind is picking up” – Nayana Nair

The wind is picking up.The white sand unlike watersinks everything too slowly.And so the shade less trees of eucalyptus become shadows that I learn to love.They become compass that knows no direction,but just piece this world to hold, the silent assurancethat I am not yet lost, though my eyes can’t tell. *** The wind isContinue reading ““The wind is picking up” – Nayana Nair”

“Held Down” – Nayana Nair

Though I want to write of you I find myself incapable of that. Cause I have not yet learned the words for the kind of person you are. And all I have written about you, the only thing that can live in those lines, is my heart that doesn’t yet know how to love you.Continue reading ““Held Down” – Nayana Nair”